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The Process

The most powerful & recognizable brands create human connection, tell an authentic brand story, and deliver quality experiences. To make that possible, my branding process is designed to create unique brand identities and build brands that strategically connect with your audience.

Brand Discovery

We’ll jump on a 30-minute Discovery Call to get know your business needs, ideas, and vision.


If our partnership is the right fit, I’ll send over a proposal, contract, deposit invoice and Brand Workbook to prepare for our journey together.

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Brand Audit

We start the process by digging into your brand's ethos. I’ll ask you to fill out the Branding Workbook, which consists of formulated questions designed to get clarity on your mission/vision, purpose, values, audience, market positioning, and your brand’s personality. The Branding Workbook becomes the foundation and guide for the project and your brand's identity.

We’ll schedule a 30-minute Brand Clarity Call to discuss your answers to align on your goals, ideas, and overall vision for your brand.

Brand Strategy

The purpose is to create brands with intention, meaning, and alignment. To create your brand's strategy, I will use the findings from the Branding Workbook and Brand Clarity Call. On top of that, market research will be conducted to analyze your competitive landscape. 

The strategy will then be put together into a Brand Strategy Presentation which we will discuss in one final 60-minute call. During this call we'll narrow down the direction of your logo & brand so that we both feel confident and aligned going into the design process.

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Brand Execution

This is where the magic happens - the diligent work and calls lead up to the moment where I begin to create your logo and build your brand. All the building blocks we've put together up to this point help create a powerful brand identity that is simple, authentic, and distinct.

Once the designs are ready, I will present you 3 unique logo options to choose from. If needed, there will also be 3 revision rounds available to polish the route you prefer. Once we lock in your logo, we will move into your additional brand materials/assets. The final product will be a remarkable cohesive brand that connects with your audience and outshines your competition. 

Brand Expansion

After your final blessing of approval, your new brand will be packaged and delivered in a neatly organized folder that is sent in a convenient link to download.

After a month has passed, I will follow up with you to see how your brand is rolling out, see if you have any questions, and see if you need any assistance with implementation. We'll also assess if any additional revisions or brand materials are needed to generate the impact you need for your new brand.

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Start your project today.
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