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about cristian


Cristian (no h) Pacheco


I am a proud Mexican-American designer dedicated to the success of small businesses and start up brands. I was born and raised in Rockford, IL and currenly live in Chicago, IL. 


The start of my creative journey was in 2012 as a self-taught designer for Ashford University, where I got degrees in Business Adminstration and Marketing. Through my college years, I was able to launch and brand several student-based organizations for the school. My involement led me to become Ashford's Hall Council President, which allowed me to direct student events and also gave me the platform to hone in on my craft to design and create. 

Along with Ashford University, The city of Clinton, Iowa also gave me the opportunity to work with some of the best businesses and organizations such as Clinton's Visitor Beauraue, Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce, Citizens First Bank, 319 Cafe, Riverside Athletics, and other small businesses in the area.


After college I went full time on design at Dramatic Publishing, a leading theatre publishing house.  Working at Dramatic Publishing for two years helped polish my print design skills as I got to design script book covers for titles like: The Hobbit, Sherlock Holmes, Evil Dead The Musical, The Outsiders, Charlotte's Web, The Awakening, and more.

During my time at Dramatic, I also co-launched a clothing brand by the name of Caravan Fabrics. We were able to bring a new flair to Rockford, IL with pop-up shop events that were paired with conceptual "runways". My role as partner and owner was to create our product and design the customer experience through our website, social advertisement, content creation, marketing materials, and all other visual componenets of the brand's strategy. The brand launched over 75 different products in three years and was able to sell out each time. The project was ultimately put on permanent hold and since then I've been helping other brands grow.

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