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J-Sweets Bakery

Baked Goods.


Help come up with a business name that represents Jailene's passion for baking and create a brand that feels just as warm as her homemade baked goods.


Before it was J-Sweets, it was just Jailene baking form her home kitchen. The passion for baking led her to begin selling her baked goods to friends and family. The demand for her homemade treats grew faster than she was able to sit down and plan her business. The first step was coming up with a business name that represents Jailene and her love for baking. J-Sweets Baked Goods was born during our discovery call and allowed us to create a brand that is warm, natural, and loving.

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J-Sweets takes pride in their homemade baked goods. The process of using wholesome ingredients is key to making every bite feel like it comes from a home oven. The brand's identity speaks to her process of using fresh ingredients and was designed to create a sweet feeling. To communicate the homemade process to her customers, we created a pattern that consists of nostalgic illustrations that tie back to eating homemade goods. The pattern became a key element across the brand's packaging, print materials, and merchandise.

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Friendly vintage look with a handmade touch.

The brand's primary font was thoughtfully chosen to create a nostalgic look and feel. The main font needed to be bold but feel friendly and inviting.

The secondary font has a handwritten style, which was purposefully done to connect back to Jailene's homemade baking process. 

The combination of bold serif font and thin handwritten script created a pleasant vibe that resonates with the brand's sweetness.

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Cozzy, rich, and natural.

In the food industry, colors play an important role in the minds of consumers. For J-Sweets Bakery, the primary focus was to create a color scheme that tied back to its homemade baking process that uses natural ingredients. The different shades of brown create a connection to wheat, flour, dough, and the final baked goodies. The navy in the brand has a pastel finish to create the faded vintage feel that gives the brand its charming personality. The goal was to create a color scheme that felt natural, friendly, and homey.


Each icon ties back to the process of baking goods at home. The beauty of homemade treats is that everything is made from scratch and out of love. From mixing cookie dough and licking the spoon to dipping cookies in milk. These icons celebrate the nostalgia of homemade baked goods.

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