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Citrine Creative Beauty

Hair and Nail Salon

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Design a brand identity that draws inspiration from a citrine gem stone and reflects upscale services.

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Citrine is an upscale hair and natural nail salon. More than just a salon, it's a creative space for hair and nail artists to be able to express their knowledge and talent. The strategy for this brand was to create an elevated identity that matched its uplifting energy and the high quality beauty services they offer. Citrine focuses on increasing self-esteem and confidence for everyone that comes in with the purpose of boosting their energy. 

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Citrine is the birthstone for the month of November - which is also the birthmonth of the owner, Karla Zepeda. Beyond the personal connection, the Citrine stone promotes positivity, creativity, and abundance. The "C" logomark was created to represent a simplified shape of a stone. The brand's primary use of orange also ties back to the color of the stone. By combining simplicity and striking colors, we were able to create a unique identity that is distinct in the area that Citrine serves.

Citrine Gradient.jpg

Bold elegancy with an appreciation for beauty and modernity.

Citrine's primary font influenced the majority of the brand's aesthetic and personality. The secondary font was introduced to give this identity a balanced look of classiness and modernism. It was key that the font system for this brand to have a contemporary look and feel without sacrificing the feeling of a luxurious experience.


Colors that empower confidence to boost self-esteem.

Citrine is a variety of quartz with yellow to orange color hues. This gem is known for elevating self-esteem and attracting prosperity. We used a vibrant orange as the brand's primary color to create a striking identity that can turn heads and tie back to the purpose of the stone.

Black is used to create a powerful contrast to help the orange shine. The addition of the holographic color element was purposefully done to create distinction. Citrine Creative Beauty Co. aims to empower their clients to love and feel confident in their individuality.

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Citrine Gradient.jpg

"What surprised me the most when working with Cristian was not only his art, but his attention to detail. He’s productive from the start. He asks the right questions to know what his client wants, he really makes you think about everything. It shows he really cares and wants to deliver his best to you. When I recommend Cristian to someone who is looking for a designer I always tell them he is very easy and fun to work with. You feel inspired with ideas when working with him. Even if you go in not knowing what you are wanting, he will help you figure it out."


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